FJA 2019 / Shortlist

Category: Outstanding Investigative Reporting

Azhar Kalamujić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“Judge Fazlagić Disinherited Holocaust Victims”

April 26, 2019

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The houses, condos, and offices of Sarajevo Jews who perished in the Holocaust have been deeded to new owners through the illegal rulings of a judge who also grabbed two prime properties in downtown Sarajevo for herself.

By The Center for Investigative Reporting

For years, a former Municipal Court judge in Sarajevo, Lejla Fazlagić, meted out justice to both the dead and alive. She conducted fake property litigations in her courtroom sometimes involving plaintiffs and defendants who had already gone on to the afterworld. The result of these fabricated proceedings was always the same – the real estate of a departed person ended up titled in the name of judge Fazlagić, her relatives, or friends.

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