What is FJA?

The winners of the Fetisov Journalism Awards are outstanding journalists from all over the world who change the world for the better with their groundbreaking stories
The Fetisov Journalism Awards are free to enter and open to journalists from any country around the globe
The winners of the Fetisov Journalism Awards get the largest monetary prize in the history of the international journalism
The Fetisov Journalism Awards give greater publicity to inspiring reportings made by the talented journalists from around the world
FJA series of free webinars give the winners an opportunity to talk about the challenges they have overcome on the way to producing ground-breaking stories

The mission of Fetisov Journalism Awards is to promote universal human values such as honesty, justice, courage and nobility through the example of outstanding journalists from all over the world as their dedicated service and commitment contribute to changing the world for the better.

  • Promotion of contemporary journalism as a unique profession that contributes to transforming the lives of individuals, communities and the world as a whole
  • Spreading the word about inspiring deeds of the award nominees and winners
  • Bringing journalists together as a community of like-minded people willing to raise journalism to an entirely new level and to meet new demands
  • Organization of annual global contests for journalists in order to distinguish the works of those who bring up hot-button issues and have widespread impact
  • Rewarding outstanding journalists with major money prizes for their dedicated work
  • Helping nominees and winners to achieve greater visibility by publishing their works on the website of the contest and in printed media