Outstanding Contribution to Peace

Journalism contributes to peace and conflict resolution by giving voice to peacemakers and highlighting non-violent solutions to social conflict and the struggle for agency or power in society. Entries may focus on a range of questions -- arms reduction and disarmament; community discord; ending of national and international conflicts; the work of national and international peacekeepers and community support organisations. These stories will reflect the paramount importance of respect for human life. Public impact is an essential prerequisite for a winning entry. Outcomes may include positive responses from interested parties and the authorities and the adoption of practical steps towards peaceful resolution of conflict.

Contribution to Civil Rights

The defence of human rights and civil freedoms is a key indicator of journalism as a public good. Entries in this category will reflect respect for individual freedoms, diversity, the rights of minorities and inclusive dialogues in society. Issues covered may include the right to life and personal integrity; freedom of expression, association and religion; and other core civil rights set out in international human rights treaties. In terms of impact on public opinion, the jury will look for evidence of raised awareness as well as follow-up actions to combat abuse of rights and to inspire movement towards social change.

Outstanding Investigative Reporting

Investigative reporting holds power to account and is the bedrock of public interest journalism. Entries in this category may focus on the detailed examination of injustice, corruption and wrongdoing in public life or may provide revealing insights into important data and information that is hidden from public view. This journalism promotes transparency, revealing the true causes of events and how investigative reporting is essential to uncovering secrecy, exposing those responsible for malpractice or other activities that may be harmful or criminal. Evidence of impact on public opinion and, where appropriate, follow-up action to deal with abuse of power, will be expected outcomes of this reporting.

Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Entries in this category will raise public awareness of the climate emergency and the global environmental crisis. The reporting may examine the impact of change on communities as traditional habitats and ways of living are changed beyond recognition. Entrants may draw upon a range of national and international concerns including pollution of air and water, pollution prevention, climate change, waste disposal, chemical weapons, ozone depletion, sustainable living, and population growth. The jury will consider how this journalism leads to enhanced public recognition of the challenges facing the environment as well as follow up that leads to criminal investigation, public inquiry, or changes in the law.