FJA 2019 / Shortlist 

Category: Contribution to Civil Rights

Author: Peter Nkanga (Nigeria)

Special Report: How Buhari’s govt detained Nigerian journalist for two years without trial”

July 1, 2018

Premium Times Newspaper (online)

In tears, 80-year-old Mama Abiri undressed. Before strangers, family, and friends alike, Mama clasped her frail breasts, and cried inconsolably, naked. With emotions only a mother could express, Mama cried in the native Ijaw language of the Niger Delta creeks. Mama was calling on Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, to feel her pain and hear her plea.

“Please, I am begging. Please, pity me. Anyone that is holding my son, please release him for me,” Mama cried. “I gave birth to him. I breastfed him. I know my son. He is not a militant. He is not a criminal. He is a journalist.”
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