FJA 2019 / Shortlist 

Category: Contribution to Civil Rights

Afeez Hanafi (Nigeria)

A series of articles

"Blind votes: Frustration of visually-impaired voters who depend on others to make their choice"

March 2, 2019

Punch Nigeria Limited

While millions of sighted citizens were able to cast their votes in support of their preferred candidates during last weekend’s elections by secret ballot, for those with visual impairment from across the country, who spoke to Saturday PUNCH, it was a different story, writes AFEEZ HANAFI 

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"Despite our cries, INEC refused to make provision for us - Visually-impaired voters"

March 16, 2019

Punch Nigeria Limited

In this second segment of a two-part report, AFEEZ HANAFI examines why the Independent National Electoral Commission failed visually impaired voters, who could not vote unaided, despite budgeting a whopping N150m for them during the elections.

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