Fetisov Journalism Awards 2023

Second Prize

Category: Outstanding Contribution to Peace

"These Women Are Bringing Some Peace to War-Stricken Congo"

Camille Maubert, Hugh Kinsella Cunningham, Sifa Bahati

Camille Maubert is a French writer and researcher based in Scotland where she is completing a doctorate at the University of Edinburgh. Since 2019, her work on the Democratic Republic of Congo focuses on issues of sexual and gender-based violence in conflict areas, positive masculinities and social change. In an ongoing long-term project, she wrote about the role of women in building long-term peace in their communities and was published in National Geographic, the Guardian and Alternatives Humanitaires. She also works with various NGOs to develop projects to prevent violence in families and empower women and girls.

Hugh Kinsella Cunningham is a British photographer covering critical flashpoints of health, society and conflict. A multiple grantee of the Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting, his work was awarded 1st place for Documentary Projects in the Sony World Photography Awards 2023, and he is a three-time finalist in the Amnesty International Media Awards. Working in the Democratic Republic of Congo for several years, he was published by National Geographic, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, Stern Magazine and The Guardian. He contributes work to organisations such as Save the Children and the United Nations, as well as regular dispatches on the BBC World Service.

Sifa Bahati is a Congolese reporter based in Butembo, Democratic Republic of the Congo. She documents the multiple humanitarian crises in her community, including the ways in which people cope with historic events like ebola outbreaks, displacement, and military campaigns. Sifa creates reports for local broadcaster Radio Soleil and is also a freelance correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, working extensively on human rights issues.

These Women Are Bringing Some Peace to War-Stricken Congo

National Geographic

October 24th, 2022

The original publication is available via the following link:


French version: https://www.nationalgeographic.fr/histoire/2022/10/republique-democratique-du-congo-apres-des-annees-de-conflit-ces-femmes-ramenent-la-paix 

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, activists terrorized by conflict for decades are stepping in to try to break the cycle of violence. Read more