Fetisov Journalism Awards 2023

First Prize

Category: Excellence in Environmental Journalism

"Was steckt da wirklich drin?"

("What’s Really in It?")

Authors: Christian Salewski, Sebastian Kempkens, Greta Taubert

Christian Salewski is a freelance investigative reporter (mainly for German public broadcaster NDR and German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT). He is co-founder and chief reporter of Flip, a German media startup focussing on impact for a better economy. Salewski studied political science, economics and literature. He graduated from the Free University Berlin and from the German School of Journalism (DJS) in Munich. He has been working in Israel and the U.S. and broke big scoops in Germany such as the Cum-Ex scandal, the biggest tax fraud in European history. Salewski has received numerous awards for his investigations, reports and digital projects and has been honored as Germany’s "Business Journalist of the Year" 2021.

Greta Taubert is a freelance investigative reporter, writer and performer in Leipzig and Berlin. She writes among others for national quality newspapers like Die Zeit and Der Spiegel. Her gonzo-journalistic non-fiction books „Apokalypse Jetzt“ (The girl who got out) and „Im Club der Zeitmillionäre“ (The club of time billionares) about social utopian ideas for the 21st century have gathered international attention. Her recent book “Guten Morgen, du Schöner”, a collection of protocols from third-generation East German men, was also adapted for performative formats. The award-winning journalist has been studying journalism and political science at the University of Leipzig and University of Wroclaw, received a scholarship for of the Young Journalists’ Program from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and loves to travel to the German, European, Middle and Far East.

Sebastian Kempkens works as a reporter and editor for the German weekly DIE ZEIT. Kempkens studied political science, sociology and history. He graduated from the Humboldt University Berlin and from the German School of Journalism (DJS) in Munich. He has worked from several countries, among them the U.S. where he stayed as a fellow of the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship. Kempkens has received numerous awards for his stories.

Was steckt da wirklich drin? (What’s Really in It?)


November 24th 2022

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