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Category: Outstanding Contribution to Peace

Emina Dizdarević (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bosnian Judiciary Restricts Information on War Crime Cases

By: Emina Dizdarević, 08.11.2018

Bosnian courts and prosecution offices are restricting access to information on cases, making it harder for media to report on war crimes and corruption cases, although the law states that trials are open to the public.

Fifteen years after the judiciary was reformed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, courts and prosecutions do not apply uniform rules on transparency, so indictments at the state level cannot be accessed, audio and video recordings of hearings that are made available are only ten minutes long, and journalists still encounter delays and obstructions in getting responses to their inquiries.

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Croatia Cuts Bosnian Croat’s Jail Term, Causing Political Storm

By: Emina Dizdarević, 09.11.2018

Co-author: Anja Vladisavljevic

A Zagreb court’s decision to reduce former Bosnian Croat battalion commander Marko Radic’s war crimes sentence caused concerns that other Bosnian convicts with Croatian passports might ask for a transfer to Croatia in search of shorter sentences.

The decision last week by Zagreb County Court to cut war criminal Marko Radic’s sentence has caused a political storm in Sarajevo.

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Bosnia’s Updated War Crimes Strategy Languishes in Limbo

By: Emina Dizdarević, 26.02.2019

A year after Bosnia and Herzegovina’s revised draft strategy for war crimes processing was completed, it has not even been considered by the Council of Ministers, raising questions about when the country will finish prosecuting all its remaining cases.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s revised Strategy for War Crimes Processing, which was approved in February last year by the country’s judicial overseer, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, has not even made it onto the agenda of the Council of Ministers, the executive branch of the state government, BIRN has learned.

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