Fetisov Journalism Awards 2023

Second Prize

Category: Contribution to Civil Rights

Nepalis Feel the Human Toll of Qatar's World Cup

Samik Kharel is a journalist and researcher based in Kathmandu, Nepal. With over a decade of experience in journalism, Kharel has reported for various national and international media on various contemporary and concerning issues. He has also contributed to various leading national and international research institutions working with technology, ethics, and human rights. Over the years, Kharel has acquired various international fellowships and grants in multi-disciplinary fields, which has taken him all around the world. He also teaches ‘critical thinking’ at university and experiments with electronic music.

Roshan Sedhai is an independent journalist based in Nepal, with more than a decade of experience covering socio-political issues, including labor rights, politics, development, and the environment. He has previously worked for The Kathmandu Post, Republica Daily, and Record Nepal. His work has been featured in various international media outlets such as Associated Press, DPA, and Al Jazeera. Beyond reporting, he finds enjoyment in watching cricket and football.

Nepalis Feel the Human Toll of Qatar's World Cup

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The Diplomat

November 8th, 2022

Far from demanding accountability from Qatar, South Asian governments have often been mute spectators to the plight of workers and their families at home.

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