FJA Shortlist 2022

Category: Contribution to Civil Rights

Authors: Kareem Chehayeb, Karim Merhej, Christina Cavalcanti (Lebanon)

And What Would You Like Me to Do About It?”: How the Lebanese Government Disabled Hundreds of People — and Then Left Them to Pay for Its Crime

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August 05, 2021

The Public Source,

Something about it “just looked wrong.”

Mirna Habbouche was driving along the Charles Helou highway, near the Port of Beirut, on her way to buy milk for her one-year-old son. When she saw fireworks crackling out of the port, her instinct told her to protect him with her body: she stopped the car and pulled him out of his car seat and onto her lap. But just as she was about to turn her car around and zoom off in the other direction, the explosion ripped out of the port, across Beirut, and into her life. Read more