Katie May (Canada)

“Remote life, rough justice” (a series)

Winnipeg Free Press

“Remote life, rough justice” 

Justice delayed is the reality for many northern Manitoba residents caught in an overburdened legal system starved for resources

Thompson — In the basement of a government building, a small black-and-white sign points around a corner to Manitoba’s northernmost law courts. Through an unsecured, 1970s-era lobby that serves as a public waiting room and makeshift lawyer workspace, a set of double wood doors opens into a beige, 48-seat courtroom. Here, atop a wood-panelled dais, a judge is drawing the line.
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“The high price of injustice” 

Manitoba spends about $1.5 million annually on an overwhelmed, weather-delayed 'flying circus' northern circuit court system that many communities don't trust.

In Manitoba's North, where 15 circuit courts dot the vast and remote geographical area, a single delay costs the province an average of $10,000.
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“Justice be geography” 

Northern Manitobans don’t have the same access to restorative jail alternatives available to non-violent, first-time criminal offenders in the Winnipeg region.

On the other end of the phone line, from her office in Cross Lake, Louann Flett sighs.
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