FJA Shortlist 2022

Category: Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Authors: Joana Moncau, Elpida Nikou, Beka Munduruku, Rilcelia Munduruku, Aldira Munduruku

To Fight Invaders, Munduruku Women Wield Drone Cameras and Cellphones

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March 15, 2022


Three young women from the Munduruku Indigenous group in the Brazilian Amazon run an audiovisual collective that uses social media to raise awareness about illegal invasions of their territory.

“Many people no longer believe what we say, they only believe what they see,” says Aldira Akai, who, at 30, is the oldest member of the collective.

The Munduruku living in the Sawré Muybu Indigenous Territory say the anti-Indigenous rhetoric of the Jair Bolsonaro administration has emboldened illegal loggers and miners, and put native defenders under greater risk.

The impact of illegal logging and mining in Sawré Muybu has seen deforestation surge to 146 hectares (361 acres) in 2020, up from 105 hectares (259 acres) the previous year.

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