FJA Shortlist 2022

Category: Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Author: Eman Mounir (Egypt)


1) Ghost Towns in Egypt: Fish Farmers Leave Their Homes After Climate and Pollution Impacts;

2) A Handful of Factories Polluted This Egyptian Town with Toxic Chemicals

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Story in German: Stille Wasser sind tödlich

In English:

1st part:

2nd part:

March 3, 2022

Zenith magazine (German)

Climate tracker (English)

Ghost towns in Egypt: fish farmers leave their homes after climate and pollution impacts

This investigation has found that the sewage released into the manzala lake does not meet the environmental standards established by Egyptian Environmental Law No. 9 of 2009 and its Executive Regulations. Read more

A handful of factories polluted this Egyptian town with toxic chemicals

According to a case file against the plant, a copy of which was obtained by Climate Tracker, violations in maintenance work and safety began to manifest in 2011. Read more