Third prize

Category: Outstanding Contribution to Peace

Author: Evelyn Schalk

Night falls on Austria for Afghan Astronomer. Chronology of a broken promise (original: Nacht über Österreich für afghanische Astronomin. Chronologie eines gebrochenen Versprechens.)

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December 20, 2021

ausreißer - Die Wandzeitung

Amena Karimyan often feels closer to the stars than to other people. And it’s no wonder, because the path of this 25-year-old, who is Afghanistan’s only female astronomer, has been a rocky one from the start. When the Taliban seized power, that path put her life in danger. Austria granted her a visa, and a shimmer of hope flashed before her eyes. But suddenly darkness falls on her. Amena Karimyan, whom the BBC just selected as one of the 100 most influential and inspiring women of 2021, is trapped. Upon her arrival in Islamabad, the Austrian authorities withdrew their visa confirmation and abandoned her. Now the young scientist, women’s rights activist and author has no way forward or back and her situation is deteriorating from day to day. Read more