First Prize

Category: Outstanding Investigative Reporting

Authors: Kennia Velazquez, Elizabeth Rosales, Juan José López Plascencia, Nicolás Temachtiani Aranda Alvares, Miguel Angel Cabrera Cervantes,  Emilio Jiménez Velázquez


Coca Cola’s Tokens. Tactics to Influence Public Health Policies

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March 27, 2022

Coca Cola is fixture in the life of Mexicans: it is in their everyday meals, their parties, and even in the traditional altars to commemorate the deceased on Día de los Muertos. Just behind the United States, Mexico is the most important market for this beverage firm: the country buys 47% of the total volume of products destined for Latin America.

The Coca Cola Company pays special attention to their 120 million Mexican customers and is increasingly concerned about public policies implemented in the country. Their annual reports include an analysis on the measures proposed by different governments and projections for their business partners of ways in which these can affect their operation and, most of all, the profits. That is why the firm has applied strategies in Mexico to prevent, delay or weaken the regulations that restrict its activities. Read more