FJA Shortlist 2022

Category: Outstanding Investigative Reporting


Juan Pablo Barrientos, Luis Bonza Ramírez, Angélica Penagos, Camila Santafé Pérez, Jose Alejandro Castaño Hoyos, Iván Ruiz, Jhasua Razo

The List That the Church of Medellín Kept Hidden:

The Priests Denounced for Pederasty and Sexual Abuse

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Vorágine and Connectas

November 30, 2021

Vorágine and CONNECTAS reveal for the first time the names of the priests who have been denounced for pederasty and sexual abuse in the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Medellín. Almost half continue to work in parishes in Colombia and only three have been convicted by ordinary justice. Read more