Expert Council

Tatsiana Tsiuryna


1980 – Ph.D., Minsk Academy of Sciens, At Science

1972 --Minsk,  State University, Faculty of Journalism

Journalist Professional Experience

1969-1986  Journalist, head of department of literature and arts in "Zanmja Junosti" newspapaer

1986-1991  Special correspondent of "Soviet culture" Moscow newspaper

1991-1998   Deputy Chief Editor  of "Delo (East + West) Minsk magazine

1998-2003 Deputy Chief Editor  " Belorussian business newspaper" Minsk

Professional and Public Affiliations

Since 1974 – Soviet Union of Journalists, literature couch

Since 1984 – Soviet Union of   Cinematographers of USSR, chair of critical section

Since 1997 - co-founder and manager independent  organization "Women's writers in transition" that works in cooperation with international PEN- organization Women's Writers for Rights, Literature and Development

Since 2000 - Belorussian   of Arts, critical section member 

Since 2001 - Belorussian  Federation of Journalists, member

Conferences, Awards and Publications

Participated in more than 30 International conferences on culture, human rights, media and gender under umbrella of USIS, OSI, UN, UNESCO, OSCE, TACIS and other organizations, organized  more than 10 international and national projects on media freedom, culture, gender  and human rights.

Wrote and edited 10 books and collections on Beelorussian culture, International cooperation,  human rights, media development and gender equality.

Author of a report about the situation of humans rights and present state of social mental activity in Belarus, which is titled "The Country of Abandoned Children" for the conference of UNHCR in Budapest on July, 10-13, 1997 and on the 2nd Assembly of the UN of the Peoples and Forum "Tavola della Pace" in Italy on October, 1997.

During 1997-1998 provided in "Delo"-magazine (in Russian) and in "Belarus&Business" (in English) the column "Social-indicator".

Managed to make the Swetlana Alexievich book "Chernobyl's Pray" as a fact of social consciousness.