Expert Council

Azer Hasret

Mr. Azer Hasret (Azar Hasrat) is a career journalist based in Azerbaijan with more than 25 years of experience. Political commentator and founder/editor of news and analysis web site based in Dadali, Azerbaijan. He writes in Turkish, English and Russian. He is the winner of the “High Media Award” of Azerbaijan.

Nowadays he is a Board Member of Azerbaijan Press Council and a chairman of the Foreign Relations Commission.

Mr. Azer Hasret is a member of the Vienna based International Press Institute and founder of its Azerbaijan National Committee.

Was elected to IFEX Council in 2001 and served as a member up to 2004.

Was among the first Board Members of the International News Safety Institute.

He serves as an Azerbaijan Public Broadcasting Council member through 2017-2023 years.

Mr. Azer Hasret served as a chairman of the “Free Media Pioneer” award winning organization of the Central Asian and Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network (CASCFEN) through 2003-2018.

Before that he was a founder and chairman of the Journalists’ Trade Union (JuHI) through 1997-2002.