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Aleksandr Zukerman

Mr. Aleksandr Zukerman was born on August 1952 in Ukraine. He was studying theater arts in Moscow University of Culture, 1970 – 1975. Then he was invited to work as an art director and actor in Russian Drama Theater, Tallinn. From the same time, he started to work as a freelancer in Estonian Radio, and then in a first Russian speaking Radio in Estonia - Radio 100 (Radio 100FM). Since 1992 until 2010 Mr. Zukerman became Radio Deutsche Welle Estonian correspondent. He was a participant of a number of projects, like TV weekly news “This Is Tallinn”, “Your Tallinn”, (The First Baltic Channel, Tallinn – Riga), Daily news “News of Estonia” (The First Baltic Channel, Tallinn – Riga), TV weekly news “Our Capitol (The First Baltic Channel, Tallinn – Riga). But the most popular was TV weekly magazine “Subboteja” (TV3, Kanal 2 Eesti and Tallinn TV, which was on air for more than 20 years, and was included to the prestige book «101 Best Shows in the History of Estonian TV». What is impressive, his show was filmed in 72 countries.

Aleksandr Zukerman is a member of Estonian Journalists Union and International Federation of Journalists. Since 2006, he is a member of International Academy of Television and Radio. In 2009 (together with Mihhail Vladislavlev) he received award “For Agreement of Opinion» from Open Estonian Foundation - George Soros Foundation. Important was his work as a facilitator and program manager of Journalists Courses for post-communist countries, organized by King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium. His TV shows awarded international awards of different festivals. Some years ago he got an award «Best Russian Speaking Journalist in Estonia”. Now he is an editor and producer of a daily NEWS of Tallinn on TV3 plus.