Fetisov Journalism Awards 2019

Outstanding Contribution to Peace

Albina Sorguč (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
“Sarajevo to Pay €358,000 for War Crime Suspects’ Defence”; “‘We Were Just Like Them’ – in Bosnia, Past Meets Present”; “Bosnian War Rape Suspect Avoids Prosecution in Sweden”; “Bosnian Serbs’ War Commissions: Fact-Seeking or Truth-Distorting?”

Emina Dizdarevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
“Bosnian Judiciary Restricts Information on War Crime Cases”; “Croatia Cuts Bosnian Croat’s Jail Term, Causing Political Storm” (co-authored with Ana Vladisavljevic); “Bosnia’s Updated War Crimes Strategy Languishes in Limbo”

Francesca Mannocchi (Italy)
“Libya, Tripoli under fire”

Mohamed Aboelgheit (Egypt)
“The End User: How did western weapons end up in the hands of ISIS and AQAP in Yemen”


Contribution to Civil Rights

Afeez Hanafi (Nigeria)
"Blind votes: Frustration of visually-impaired voters who depend on others to make their choice"; "Despite our cries, INEC refused to make provision for us - Visually-impaired voters"

Anuja Jaiman (India)

“Under Modi, Hindu hardliners turn Indian theatre into a battleground”

Ellena Cruse (United Kingdom)“
“Meet the Sex Workers of Ilford Lane” (a series)

Katie May (Canada)
“Remote life, rough justice”

Megan Janetsky (Colombia)
“Hospitals are turning into 'cemeteries for migrants' on Colombia-Venezuela border”

Mizar Kemal (Iraq)
“Locked her in a dark room and prevented her from eating.. The journey of an Iraqi woman from marriage to quadriplegia”

Natashya Gutierrez (Philippines)
“Abortion Story”

Peter Nkanga (Nigeria) 
Special Report: How Buhari’s govt detained Nigerian journalist for two years without trial”

Outstanding Investigative Reporting

Abdulaziz Abdulaziz (Nigeria)
“Bursting a Powerful Nigerian Minister: The Kemi Adeosun series”

Azhar Kalamujić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
“Judge Fazlagić Disinherited Holocaust Victims”

Christine Kenneally (Australia)
“The Ghosts of the Orphanage”

Damilola Banjo (Nigeria)
“Investigation: How forgery, bribery, exam malpractice booms at Lagos primary schools”

Diego Cabot (Argentina)
“The Notebooks of Corruption”

Ian Cobain (United Kingdom)
“'Mind control': The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning”

Khadija Sharife, Mark Anderson (South Africa)
“The Great Gambia Heist: How Yahya Jammeh Stole a Country” 

Mariela Castañón (Guatemala)
“People Trafficking, a denunciated crime in the Virgen de la Asunción Safe Home”

Mathias Destal, Geoffrey Livolsi, Lorenzo Tugnoli, Michel Despratx (France)
“Made in France”

Roli Srivastava (India)
“Missing wombs: the health scandal enslaving families in rural India”

Solomon Tembang Mforgham (Cameroon)
“How illegal Chinese mining destroys livelihoods, fuels conflicts in Cameroon”

Wendy Selene Pérez Becerra, Paula Mónaco Felipe (Mexico)
“The Unearthers”

Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Amos Abba (Nigeria)
“How Nestle Nigeria contaminates water supply of its host community in Abuja”

Amy Yee (United States)
“Rescuing Sea Turtles From Fishermen’s Nets”

Diya Kohli (India)
“What's brewing in Araku Valley”

Fadi Al Hasani (Palestine)
“Investigation: Irrigation and fertilization of agricultural lands in Khuza'a with sewage water”

Guilherme Russo (Brazil)
“Meet The Forest Growers”

Henrik Kaufholz (Denmark)
“Shipworms are eating our heritage”

Isaac Anyaogu (Nigeria), Petra Sorge (Germany)
“Dying in instalments”

Laurie Goering, Claudio Accheri (United Kingdom)
“Running dry: Competing for water on a thirsty planet”

Philip Jacobson (United States), Tom Johnson (United Kingdom)
“The secret deal to destroy paradise”