Fetisov Journalism Awards 2023: Shortlist Announced!

The shortlist for the Fetisov Journalism Awards 2023 has been announced. It consists of 26 stories representing journalists from 20 countries around the world. Almost half of the shortlisted entries are team projects, including 3 cross-border investigations.

About 400 entries from 96 countries were submitted to this year's competition. In the five years since the Fetisov Journalism Awards were founded, journalists from 137 countries entered the competition.

We would like to thank the members of FJA Expert Council who contributed their time and dedication to the evaluation process.

FJA Jury will define the winning projects in the second phase of the competition. The names of the winners in the four categories will be announced at the 5th Annual Fetisov Journalism Awards ceremony in April 2023.

The first prize winner in each category will receive a money prize of CHF 100,000, the second prize and third prize winners will receive CHF 20,000 and CHF 10,000 respectively. The total prize fund of the Fetisov Journalism Awards is 520,000 Swiss francs.

Congratulations and good luck to all the shortlisted authors!

See the shortlist below.



“It was not an easy job to select articles because many of them are very good. However, the decision had to be made.

As a longtime journalist, I am very happy to see that year after year, the FJA inspires colleagues from all around the world to stick with the ethical and truthful investigative reporting. And that is something that gives great hope for the future of journalism.”

Ljiljana Zurovac

Independent Media Expert

Former Executive Director of the Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina

FJA Expert Council Member



“I really liked that some of the works raise important, rare topics and look at already known problems from a new angle.

I noted how original and skillfully the authors use multimedia tools.  

Among the works there were many fascinatingly told, touching stories with living heroes, for whom I felt sympathy and sympathy.

Thanks to the authors of the works and, of course, to the organizers of the FJA for giving me the opportunity to plunge into stories from different countries of the world. I am convinced once again that journalists are one of the most necessary, responsible and complex professions in modern society.”

Yana Israelyan

Journalist, Editor, Expert of Media Literacy

FJA Expert Council Member



“Every year, the job of assessing the entries gets harder as the quality of the journalism gets better. It is wonderful to see the incredible level of journalism being done around the globe, and that the Fetisov Journalism Awards bring together through this competition. The reporters entering FJA continue to push the boundaries of what defines environmental journalism and climate change coverage - looking at how people around the world are directly and indirectly affected. I learn something new with every entry.”

Stuart Laidlaw

Journalist, Editor

Former National Representative - Communications, Unifor Canada

FJA Expert Council Member



“Once again it was privilege to be involved. I learned a lot from reading the submissions.”

Brent Edwards

Political Editor at the National Business Review (New Zealand)

New Zealand representative on the Australian Media Alliance’s Media Safety and Solidarity Fund

FJA Expert Council Member



“I must express that since my involvement in adjudicating the investigative journalism category, I have been continually impressed by the quality of submissions. The entries I reviewed last year were exceptional, yet this year's submissions have surpassed them, reaching a new level of excellence. It's particularly noteworthy to see contributions from major news outlets across the USA, Canada, the UK, and Japan.” 

Ntibinyane A. Ntibinyane

Professor - Journalism and Mass Media

Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Research Fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford

FJA Expert Council Member


Fetisov Journalism Awards 2023



Outstanding Investigative Reporting 

Andersson Boscán, Mónica Velásquez, Jeffersona Sanguña, Doménica Vivanco, Christian Torres, Juan José Albán, Danilo Castro, Estefanía Vaca, Javier Montenegro


The Great Godfather


Grant Robertson, Colin Freeze, Robyn Doolittle, Susan Krashinsky Robertson, Joe Friesen


Series: HOCKEY CANADA’S SECRET FUNDS: The Hidden Use of Children’s Hockey Registration Fees to Settle Sexual Assault Allegations Without the Public Knowing


Hannah Dreier


Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S.


Kusum Arora, Stefania Prandi, Francesca Cicculli, Charlotte Aagaard

(Italy/ India/ Denmark)


Behind the Sweetness of Italy's Kiwi Fruit Lie the Trafficking and Exploration of Indian Workers;

Driven by Desire to Work Abroad, Punjabi Youth Risk Everything - Even Death;

Rampant and Unchecked, Punjab's Fake Travel Agencies Are Fronts of Human Trafficking


Nick Turse



“Blood on His Hands: Survivors of Kissinger’s Secret War in Cambodia Reveal Unreported Mass Killings”;

“Notorious 1973 Attack Killed Many More Than Previously Known”;

“U.S. Blamed the Press for Military Looting in Cambodia”;

“Transcripts of Kissinger’s Calls Reveal His Culpabilit”


Sanjana Varghese, Emma Graham-Harrison, Joe Dyke, Julia Nueno, Azul De Monte, Imogen Piper


The Hidden Casualties of Britain's War;

Lives Torn Apart by British Airstrikes in Mosul Give Lie to UK’s ‘Perfect’ Precision War;

Only Official Civilian Victim of UK’s Bombing Campaign Against IS Appears Not to Exist


Shreegireesh Jalihal



Modi Gov't Ignores Internal Red Flags on Health Risks to Force Fortified Rice on Poor;

Confidential NITI Aayog Report Reveals Centre Bungled Rice Fortification Pilot Projects;

A Bonanza for Dutch Firm: Modi’s Decision Forcing Half of India to Eat Fortified Rice

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Outstanding Contribution to Peace

Camille Maubert, Hugh Kinsella Cunningham, Sifa Bahati


These Women Are Bringing Some Peace to War-Stricken Congo


Dafina Halili


'I Never Imagined This Could Be Done Also to Men'


Hadeel Arja


The Shocking Practice of “Forced Puberty” in Northern Syria’s Refugee Camps


Jack Losh


The Rescuers. Ukraine’s firefighters on the frontline: ‘If you’re not scared, you’re stupid’


Priyadarshini Sen



'Fanaticism Is All About Aggression': One Man's Journey from a Hindu Nationalist to a Humanist;

Why They Broke with Hindu Nationalism: Four Former Zealots Speak Out;

Faith Metamorphosis in Hindu Nationalists.


Taiwo Adebulu


Forced to Wed: Inside the Horror-Filled World of Nigerian Schoolgirls Abandoned In Captivity


Wesam Mohammed Qasem Ebrahim


Taiz Factories' Workers… Exiled in Their Own City

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Contribution to Civil Rights

Anna-Catherine Brigida


How Surveillance Tech Helped Protect Power — And the Drug Trade — In Honduras


Claudia Smolansky, Carmen Victoria Inojosa and Marielba Núñez


Series: Torture is the Neighbor


Samik Kharel, Roshan Sedhai


Nepalis Feel the Human Toll of Qatar's World Cup


Yara El Murr


Series: Intercepted at Sea

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Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Ankur Paliwal


 ‘It Was A Set-Up, We Were Fooled’: The Coal Mine That Ate an Indian Village


Barbara Fraser, Marilez Tello Imaina, Leonardo Tello Imaina


Series: Traces of Oil in the Peruvian Amazon


Chan Yuen Yung Sherry, Wang Er, Iris Yang, Yanqi Xu

(Hong Kong)

Series: Us Carnivores

No More Meat in the Future?;

"Pig Betting" in China: The Wealth Creation Game of 600 Million Porkers;

How Far Is the World Away from a Meat Revolution?


Christian Salewski, Sebastian Kempkens, Greta Taubert


What’s Really in It?


Christina Cavalcanti and co-authors


Series: Merchants of Death


Jeff Tollefson


Last Stand in the Amazon


Tom Brown, Christina Last, Kuek Ser Kuang Keng, Alannah Travers, Stella Martany

(UK/ USA/ Iraq/ Malaysia)

Choking Kurdistan. How oil and gas burning is suffocating minorities in northern Iraq


Yvette A. Cabrera


Nuclear Buildup Sickened His Community. Then It Caught Up With Him


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If any violation of the submission rules is identified at any stage of the competition the Steering Committee has the right to disqualify such entries immediately.