Fetisov Journalism Awards 2022: Shortlist Revealed

The shortlist for the Fetisov Journalism Awards 2022 has been revealed.

The 37 best stories in the four categories were selected by the FJA Expert Council out of 350 entries from 81 countries. Over the four years of the award's existence, contestants from 123 countries took part in the global competition. 

The shortlisted projects include 15 collaborative works, 6 of which are cross-border investigations.

We would like to thank the members of the FJA Expert Council for their time, expertise and dedication.

The prize winners will be defined during the second stage of the competition by the FJA Jury. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in spring 2023. The date to be announced later.

The prize fund of the Fetisov Journalism Awards is 520,000 Swiss francs. The first prize winner in each category will receive a money prize of 100,000 Swiss francs, the second prize winner – 20,000 Swiss francs, the third prize – 10,000 Swiss francs.

Congratulations and good luck to all those who made it to the 2022 Fetisov Journalism Awards shortlist!

Please find the shortlist below.


"I was glad to see diverse stories from across the world. Some stories are just incredible."

Syed Nazakat

Founder and CEO, DATALeads

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Health Analytics Asia

FJA Expert Council Member


"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read so many magnificent journalistic works and human stories from all over the world. I am very impressed by many of the stories, they touched me to the bottom of my heart. 

This kind of competitions shows how difficult it is to be a journalist and how important this profession is for society."

Yana Israelyan

Journalist, Editor, Expert of Media Literacy

FJA Expert Council Member


“It was really difficult to make a selection, there were a lot of very good articles. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this excellent competition.”

Ljiljana Zurovac

Independent Media Expert

Former Executive Director, Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina

FJA Expert Council Member


"As with each year, there were many high-quality submissions that exposed the important nexus of the environment, gender, economic equity and social justice issues.

I wish all the applicants the very best of success and the courage and opportunity to safely continue their critical work.

Tragically, environmental activists/ journalists remain a very dangerous category for participants."

Tony Sadownichik

Board Chair, World Heritage International

Former Board Chair, Markets For Change
Former Head of Research, Greenpeace International

FJA Expert Council Member

"I enjoyed reading all the stories. Each one gave me a great deal to think about.  

The stories entered for this award seem to be getting better every year - making the task of choosing potential winners more difficult, but more enjoyable as well. It’s always a joy to read quality journalism."

Stuart Laidlaw

National Representative - Communications, Unifor Canada

FJA Expert Council Member


Fetisov Journalism Awards 2022



Outstanding Investigative Reporting 

Asaad Al-Zalzalee

Christian Real Estate in Iraq... Organized Appropriation by Forgery and Force of Arms


Fabio Teixeira, Emily Costa


Welcome to Brazil? Venezuelan Workers Exploited Under Aid Program


Florian Guckelsberger, Manuel Daubenberger


The Business with Bloody Cotton


Isabella Cota Schwarz, Adam Williams

(Mexico/ USA)

Series: The Unknown Winners of Mexico’s Energy Reform


Juan Pablo Barrientos, Luis Bonza Ramírez, Angélica Penagos, Camila Santafé Pérez, Jose Alejandro Castaño Hoyos, Iván Ruiz, Jhasua Razo


The List That the Church of Medellín Kept Hidden:

The Priests Denounced for Pederasty and Sexual Abuse


Kennia Velázquez, Elizabeth Rosales, Juan José López Plascencia, Nicolás Temachtiani Aranda Alvares, Miguel Angel Cabrera Cervantes,  Emilio Jiménez Velázquez


Coca Cola’s Tokens. Tactics to Influence Public Health Policies


Kumar Sambhav, Nayantara Ranganathan, Shreegireesh Jalihal



How a Reliance-Funded Firm Boosts BJP’s Campaigns on Facebook;

Inside Facebook and BJP’s World of Ghost Advertisers;

Facebook Charged BJP Less for India Election Ads Than Others;

What Helps India’s BJP Get Lower Facebook Rates? Divisive Content


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Outstanding Contribution to Peace


Ahmed Eid Ashowr, Sameh Ellaboody, Maher Salem Arhoumah


Greek Captagon Bust Leads to a Criminal Gang and the Port at the Heart of Syria’s Booming New Drug Trade


Alfred Olufemi


Horrors on the Plateau: Inside Nigeria’s Farmer-Herder Conflict


Auqib Javeed


As Courts Grant Bail, J&K Govt Uses 43-Year-Old Preventive Detention Law to Keep Hundreds in Jail.


Evelyn Schalk


Night Falls on Austria for Afghan Astronomer. Chronology of a Broken Promise

Jack Losh

(United Kingdom)

The School


Nidzara Ahmetasevic

(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Real-life Heroines


Qazi Shibli


How Retribution Increases Trauma of Families of Kashmiri Militants, Boosts Alienation


Safina Nabi


How Kashmir’s Half-Widows Are Denied Their Basic Property Rights


Sanskrita Bharadwaj


Assam's Hasina Bhanu Won A 20-Year Legal Battle To Prove She Was Indian. It Came At A Cost

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Contribution to Civil Rights

Daneel Knoetze

(South Africa)

Series: Above the Law


Elena Ledda


In Barcelona, A Group of Roma People Is Fighting Against Poor Representation in Universities


Fabiola Torres, Rosa Laura, Rocío Romero, Lucero Ascarza,

Melina Ccoillo, Juan Francisco Ugarte, Stefanie Pareja, Iván Herrera, Omar Lucas, Liz Tasa, Jason Martinez, José Luis Huacles


Series: It Was Their Turn, It Could've Been You; The Officers Who Gave the Order; In the Name of the Brother; 14N: The Endless Night


Kareem Chehayeb, Karim Merhej, Christina Cavalcanti


And What Would You Like Me to Do About It?”: How the Lebanese Government Disabled Hundreds of People — and Then Left Them to Pay for Its Crime


Klaas van Dijken, Steffen Lüdke, Nicole Vogele, Lamia Sabic, Bashar Deeb,
Jack Sapoch, Giorgos Christides, Andrei Popoviciu, Phevos Simeonidis, Alexander Epp

(Netherlands/ Germany)

Europe's Violent Shadow Army Unmasked


Maria Delaney, Michelle Hennessy, Cormac Fitzgerald


Tough Start Series


Olga Loginova, Ottavia Spaggiari


Walking Reminders of Atrocities.' Survivors of State Brutality in Belarus Share Their Stories


Peter Guest


In the Dark — Seven years, 60 countries, 935 internet shutdowns:

How authoritarian regimes found an off switch for dissent;

Exposed documents reveal how the powerful clean up their digital

past using a reputation laundering firm;

“It’s like being under siege”: How DDoS became a censorship tool


Salahelden Ibrahim Ali Moursi Laban, Ahmed Saied Hassanein


When Suffering Has a Child's Face: Unaccompanied Minor Refugees Slipping Through the Cracks


Steve Boggan


'Slave Trade: On the Front Line'


Taras Zozulinskyy


Concentration Camp of Bakhmut Detention Center and Hell of Sinelnykove Zone


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Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Alexa E. Vélez Zuazo, Pilar Puentes Espinosa; María Isabel Torres; Antonio Paz, Vanessa Romo, Gabriela Quevedo, Yvette Sierra, Gloria Alvitres, Enrique Vera; Cristina Fernández, Dalia Medina, Richard Romero, Catalina Sanabria, Diego Cazar Baquero, Ana Cristina Alvarado, David Tarazona, Andrea Rincón, Angie Garay, Valeria Báez, Nicolás Sánchez, Nelfi Fernández Reyes, Iván Paredes, Juan Julca, Rocío Arias, Daniel Gómez, Carlos Mazabanda, Eduardo Mota García, Christian Ugarte. 

(Peru/ Colombia)

Stained by Oil (Series)


Colin Daileda


Storm Catchers


Eman Mounir



Ghost Towns in Egypt: Fish Farmers Leave Their Homes After Climate and Pollution Impacts; A Handful of Factories Polluted This Egyptian Town with Toxic Chemicals


Ini Ekott


Inside Nigeria’s Shocking Wildlife Crimes and How Culprits Escape Justice


Jill Langlois


For the Kayapó, a Long Battle to Save Their Amazon Homeland


Joana Moncau, Elpida Nikou, Beka Munduruku, Rilcelia Munduruku, Aldira Munduruku

(Brazil/ Greece)

To Fight Invaders, Munduruku Women Wield Drone Cameras and Cellphones


John Cannon


The Congo Basin Peatlands


Lois Parshley


Cold War, Hot Mess


Ruth Maclean, Caleb Kabanda


What Do the Protectors of Congo’s Peatlands Get in Return?


Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar


Climate Change Is Stretching Mumbai to Its Limit


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If any violation of the submission rules is identified at any stage of the competition the Steering Committee has the right to disqualify such entries immediately.