Shortlist Announced for the Fetisov Journalism Awards 2021!

The shortlist for the Fetisov Journalism Awards 2021 has been revealed, with 36 projects selected across four categories.

Just under 400 entries from 80 countries around the globe were submitted for the global competition 2021. The FJA Expert Council selected best stories from 34 countries for this year’s shortlist, which includes 16 collaborative works and 10 cross-border investigations.

The FJA Jury will define 12 prize winners during the second round of the competition. The winning projects will be posted on the FJA website on February 10th, 2022.

The awards ceremony will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on April 22th, 2022. Three winners in each category will share a monetary prize of 130,000 Swiss francs. The first prize winner in each category will receive a money prize of 100,000 Swiss francs and a unique silver statuette designed and handcrafted in Switzerland.


Fetisov Journalism Awards 2021


Outstanding Investigative Reporting 

Audrey Travère, Phineas Rueckert, Paloma Dupont de Dinechin (France)
Series: Uncovered: The Buried Truth of Assassinated Journalist Regina Martínez; Mexican cartels: “The Asian Connection”; An Ocean of Guns: Mexico’s Journalists in the Crossfire of the International Arms Trade (The Cartel Project)

Tristen Taylor, Ingrid Gercama, Nathalie Bertrams (Romania/ South Africa/ Germany/ Netherlands)
Where Did the European Union’s Billion Euros for The Danube Delta Actually Go?

Farzad Seifikaran, Nasim Roshanaei (Iran)
Dodging the Embargo - How Does Iran Circumvent the Sanctions on Dual-Use And Military Goods In Europe?

Kemi Busari (Nigeria)
Blood on Uniforms Series

María Sol Lauría Paz, Iván Ruíz, Luis Fernando Cantoral, David Bernal, José Bautista García, Alberto Alonso, Jessica Carrillo, Octavio Enríquez, Suhelis Tejero, María Fernanda Sojo, Santiago Sánchez, Mildred Rojas
(Argentina/ Bolivia/ Spain/ United States/ Nicaragua/ Dominican Republic/ Venezuela/ Uruguay)
Chavismo Inc, The Gears of Bolivarian Capitalism Around the World

Mauri König (Brazil)
The Forgotten Children of Itaipu

Naipanoi Lepapa (Kenya)
Series: Hard Labour: The Surrogacy Industry in Kenya

Nanami Nakagawa (Japan)
Abandoned at Futaba Hospital

Pari Saikia (India)
Rohingya Brides Thought They Were Fleeing Violence. Then They Met Their Grooms

Robert Flummerfelt, Nellie Peyton, Ange Kasongo
(Democratic Republic of Congo/ Senegal)
More Than 50 Women Accuse Aid Workers of Sex Abuse in Congo Ebola Crisis

Rukaia Alabadi, Fatima Al Othman (Syria/ Lebanon)
The Mahdi Scouts: A Chronicle of Child Recruitment into Iranian Militias

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, Smita Sharma (United States/ India)
Stolen Lives

Zecharias Zelalem, Will Brown (Canada/ Kenya)
Investigation: African Migrants 'Left to Die' in Saudi Arabia’s Hellish Covid Detention Centres

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Outstanding Contribution to Peace

Ali Al Ibrahim, Khalifa Al Khuder (Sweden/ Syria)
Syria’s Sinister yet Lucrative Trade in Dead Bodies

Haris Rovčanin, Albina Sorguč (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Series: BIRN Fact-Check: Is the Bosnian Serb Report on the Sarajevo Siege Accurate?

Kolapo Olapoju (Nigeria)
Series: Conflict in a Pandemic (I): The Southern Kaduna Children and Women Devastated by a Wave of Killings; Conflict In A Pandemic (II): The Deserted Villages of Southern Kaduna Where Only the Brave Dare Reside

Marga Zambrana (Spain)
Uyghur Refugees Speak Out Against Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

Olatunji Ololade (Nigeria)
The Boys Who Swapped Football for Bullets 

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Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Anna Geroeva (Russia)
On the Crest of a Toxic Wave: The world is Drowning in Plastic Waste That Has Become Part of the Human Food Chain

Bhrikuti Rai (Nepal)
Series: 1. Drawing a Line in The Sand 2. Permit to Plunder: How the Environment is Paying the Price for Nepal Local Governments’ Greed 3. Environment Conservation Takes a Back Seat in the budget

Jack Losh (United Kingdom)
When Nature Conservation Goes Wrong

Karla Mendes (Brazil)
Déjà Vu as Palm Oil Industry Brings Deforestation, Pollution to Amazon

Mya Frazier (United States)
Gas Companies Are Abandoning Their Wells, Leaving Them to Leak Methane Forever

Sarah Maslin, Stephan Kueffner, James Tozer (Brazil/ Ecuador)
Series: Dispatches from the Amazon Under Pressure

Zakir Hossain Chowdhury, Irwin Loy (Bangladesh)
Bangladesh’s Hidden Climate Costs

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Contribution to Civil Rights

Carmen Grau Vila (Japan)
Japan’s Indigenous Ainu Community Don’t Want a Theme Park – They Want Their Rights

Corinne Redfern, Ali Ahsan (Italy/ Bangladesh)
She Was Trafficked into a Giant Brothel. Now She Runs It

Daneel Knoetze (South Africa)
#AboveTheLaw: How SAPS Protects the Killers Within Its Ranks

Hélène Seynaeve, Cole Stangler, Filippo Poltronieri, Maurizio Franco, François Greuez, Valentin Delaunoy
(Belgium/ France/ Italy)
Inequality Unmasked

John B Washington, José Olivares (United States)
“A Silent Pandemic”: Nurse at Ice Facility Blows the Whistle on Coronavirus Dangers;
“He Just Empties You All Out”: Whistleblower Reports High Number of Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Facility;
ICE Medical Misconduct Witness Slated for Deportation Is a U.S. Citizen, Says Lawyer;
ICE Detention Center Shuttered Following Repeated Allegations of Medical Misconduct

Monica Jha (India)
The Testimony

Nils Adler, Pascal Vossen (United Kingdom)
Murder in the Name of Honour

Shalini Singh (India)
Series: Women@Work (From Delhi, A View Of Women's Work Hit By The Pandemic; Women Run Fewer Than 13% Of India's Small Businesses. Here's Why; Lack Of Mentoring, Networking Hold Back Women Entrepreneurs; 'I Can't Earn More Than Rs 125 A Day No Matter How Hard I Work')

Shola Lawal (Nigeria)
As Ocean Empties, Senegal's Fishermen Risk Seas for New Life In Europe

Sukanya Shantha (India)
From Segregation to Labour, Manu’s Caste Law Governs the Indian Prison System;
Rajasthan HC Takes Suo Motu Note of The Wire's Prison Report, Orders 'Overhaul' of Prison Manual;
The Wire Impact: After 70 Years, Rajasthan Amends Prison Manual That Sanctioned Caste-Based Labour

Xavier Aldekoa Morales Medina, Alfons Rodríguez (Spain)
Africa, a Future with Names and Surnames

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If any violation of the submission rules is identified at any stage of the competition the Steering Committee has the right to disqualify such entries immediately.