Making a World of Difference

The Fetisov Journalism Awards

The world seems to be at a crossroads. Today the core values of humanity – our sense of solidarity, community and respect for others – are increasingly challenged by uncertainty, ignorance and fearfulness.

At a time when people yearn for access to information that is truthful and reliable, they are overwhelmed and confused by spin, propaganda and the malicious influence of unscrupulous players across the public information landscape.

The hard choices facing humanity in the years to come will only be resolved with confidence if people are properly informed. Therefore, the role of journalism in truth-telling and holding power to account needs to be strengthened.

In this moment of information crisis, we need more informed and committed reporters and editors, dedicated to accuracy, fact-based communications and the public interest. They can help restore the moral compass of human rights and democracy across the world.

That is why the Fetisov Journalism Awards have been launched. This is a global initiative to recognize the world’s best journalism. We are calling for entries from reporters and media professionals who have produced outstanding journalism. Entries are accepted from members of societies, unions and associations of professional journalists.

Prizes will be awarded in four categories, recognizing journalism for its

  • Contribution to Peace
  • Contribution to Civil Rights
  • Investigative Reporting, and
  • Excellence in Environmental Journalism

The Fetisov Journalism Awards supports journalists who report on the hard realities of modern life and will reinforce public recognition of trusted journalism, while breathing new life into the mission of journalism everywhere.

Above all, the Awards will strengthen the role of journalism in society. Truth-telling and stylish reporting, whether on peace and respect for human rights or in exposing the harsh realities of war-mongering and abuse of power, allows journalism to reinforce the movement for positive change.

The unprecedented prize money being made available to the prize winners further reflects our commitment to honour those who work hard in the frontline of global journalism.

The winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of international jurors in a process that will further strengthen links between communities of journalism, unions and associations across the globe.

Our aim is simple: to build respect for news media and create a more confident and reliable public information space for all.

Join us in helping to create a new, more optimistic and viable vision of journalism. Together we can make a world of difference.


FJA Jury Members:


Aidan White                                                                                           

Founder and President, 

Ethical Journalism Network 


Ricardo Gutiérrez

General Secretary,

European Federation of Journalists


Barbara Trionfi  

Executive Director,  

International Press Institute


Eva Merkacheva

Journalist and Human Rights Defender