Covid-19 and Journalism

AIDAN WHITE, Founder of the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN), Jury Member of FJA 2020:

"In the weeks following the inaugural presentation of the Fetisov Journalism Awards many journalists across the globe have set their sights on one story – a historical health emergency that presents major challenges for all those who cover it. These range from common misconceptions about the illness to the problem of newsroom bias and tendencies either to hype or sensationalise the story or to ignore it completely.

For journalists the task is to provide context and clarity and particularly to prevent rumour, speculation, uncertainty and confusion. The reporting of the Covid-19 story requires that journalists play a leading role in keeping people informed.

It is in the heat of the newsroom battle to report the biggest global story of a generation that the Fetisov Journalism Awards is announcing its second year covering what has been a momentous time for news media."