“Journalism for a Changing World. Truth, Inspiration and Global Storytelling”

The Fetisov Journalism Awards Annual 2022

The FJA annual publication is a collection of the winning stories and shortlisted entries in the four categories of the Fetisov Journalism Awards:

- Outstanding Investigative Reporting;

- Outstanding Contribution to Peace;

- Contribution to Civil Rights;

- Excellence in Environmental Journalism.

The publication also includes the editor's report, as well as messages from the FJA Jury, Expert Council and winners.

AIDAN WHITE, Editor of FJA Annual 2022, Honorary Advisor to the Fetisov Journalism Awards, President of the Ethical Journalism Network: 

"Once again, the winners provide examples of journalism at its best. Their passion for truth-telling and commitment to courageous reporting demonstrate that even when people come from dramatically different backgrounds and different cultures, there is a universally shared vision of journalism as a public good, and a progressive force for change in the complex world we live in.”

RICARDO GUTIÉRREZ, FJA Jury Member, General Secretary of the European Federation of Journalists:

“In a global context where journalists are facing increasing hostility from those in power and mistrust from a part of the population, the Fetisov Journalism Awards contributes to restoring the reputation of journalists, to highlighting their commitment to the service of citizens, civil society and democracy. The awards highlight the role of journalists as watchdogs, peacemakers, guardians of civil rights and promoters of environmental protection. These awards serve journalism as a public good. Thank you to all those who contribute to valuing the crucial role of journalists in society."

The e-book “Journalism for a Changing World. Truth, Inspiration and Global Storytelling” can be downloaded here.


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