"Reporting the Truth: Journalism That Illuminates the World"

The Fetisov Journalism Awards Annual 2019

FJA first annual publication ‘Reporting the Truth: Journalism that Illuminates the World’ is now available online. It includes the collection of FJA 2019 winners and shortlist stories in four categories, i.e. Outstanding Investigative Reporting, Outstanding Contribution to Peace, Contribution to Civil Rights and Excellence in Environmental Journalism, as well as editor’s report and comments of top international experts and jury members. Altogether, thirty-three reportings from all over the world, written by professional journalists and investigative teams in different languages originally, show unique and diverse picture of current events, and at the same time demonstrate professional skills and strong commitment of reporters to journalism as public good, commitment to tell the truth and to raise public awareness in the hottest issues.

 “In the world of disinformation and unreliable, often abusive, communication, journalism at its best provides sensitive and careful intelligence about the world around us”, wrote in his introduction the editor, Founder of the Ethical Journalism Network Aidan White. “This award is not just about financial rewards. It is about the promotion of informed, ethical and committed journalism that is both stylish and has public purpose. It makes the world the better place”.

All the texts in the publication are provided in English and supplied with the links to the originals. General information about the Fetisov Journalism Awards is attached.


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